Zamami Restaurants

Most restaurants should have English versions of their menus. If you're lost, try any of these Westerner favorites: Fu-Champuru (stir-fry vegetables with a yummy bread-like substance), Okinawa Soba, Ramen, Tonkatsu (fried pork on rice), Katsudon (pork, egg, and great sauce over rice). Coffee/dessert cafes and bars are listed below restaurants. Grab an English map at the Info Desk at the port for restaurant locations. "Average pricing" is in the ¥600-700 range for an entree.


Zamami Burger and Pizza


If you’re looking for something filling, fresh, and tasty come by Zamami Burger and Pizza. Every morning the staff bakes the burger buns and pizza dough from scratch. So get one early before they sell out. The burger patties are big and juicy topped with fresh produce on a homemade bun.  If you prefer pizza you can’t go wrong with one of their stone oven baked pies. Wash it all down with a frosty mug of Orion draft beer and chat with the guests and locals on the outdoor patio . They also do take away burgers and fries!  Located by the bridge just near center of town. Open for Lunch and Dinner.

Tel: 098-987-3626



marumiya1764.jpgA favorite with the locals. Awesome food and value for both lunch and dinner. The large English menu features Okinawan favorites plus much more. You can choose set meals for larger portions or a la carte style items for sharing. The owner is very friendly and will make you feel at home. Marumiya is located in the North West corner of the village near the post office. Open for Lunch and Dinner.

 Tel: 098-987-3166


La Toque


This spot is frequented by tourists and locals alike. The English menu features both Okinawan and Western style food. The smaller portions make the meals great for sharing with friends. A favorite is the fresh caught swordfish (kajiki).  La Toque also has a full bar with plenty of alcohol to choose from. La Toque is located at the center of town above Heartland diving shop and Miyamura Hotel.  Opens at 6pm for dinner.


Tel: 098-987-2861



steak.jpgThis steak shop has an excellent location just in the center of town below Cat's Inn Kerama. Sit amongst the hibiscus and franjipanis and enjoy a variety of steak and pork and other side dishes as well. Open for both Lunch and Dinner.



nanmaru.jpgThis Izakaya style restuarnt serves a delicious variety of food from American Angus steak to sashimi. In the morning stop by for a healthy Japanese style breakfast. Located just over the bridge and west of the city office.



Ao No Umi

marumiya1764.jpgLocated on the third floor of the Shirahama hotel this restaurant has great views and even better food. Try some local Okinawan chanpurus (stir fry), fresh sashimi platters, or even pork belly pizza. Ao No Umi has an English menu with a great selection of nicely portioned delicious food. Ao No Umi is located on the third floor of the Shirahama Hotel on the main road to Furuzamami Beach. Call ahead for reservation and operating hours.  

 Tel: 098-987-3111 (Hotel main office)


Umi Baru

Try some Okinawan favorites in this cute beach themed restaurant. The soba noodles are handmade or if you’re looking for something a bit different the English menu features a variety of Okinawan, Japanese, and even a few western dishes.



torajiro1784.jpgTakoyaki, yaki-soba, local mozuku(seaweed) in potato salad ,small pizzas, other appetizers. Food is good, reasonable pricing. Outdoor setting with plenty of alcoholic options. (dinner until late)



Coffee/Dessert Cafes



cha-villa-cafe1871.jpgSmall coffee and dessert cafe (open at 8am if you need your coffee).

Tel: 098-987-3737



urizun1791.jpgLocal bar with cheap food. Go here to meet Zamami residents and stay away from tourists. Don't order the tea - same price as a beer, but half as much! (dinner until late)

Tel: 098-987-2432



santa1805.jpgIzakaya with a shabby-looking exterior, but has excellent appetizery-food on the inside. Behind bike/scooter rental shop on main street. Most popular hangout for the Zamami 20-something crowd. (dinner until late)

Tel: 098-987-3592